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Welcome To EventPin

EventPin is a revolutionary platform to disrupt the way we market and discover events. It is the first platform to focus on organic event discovery and put the power of the search completely within the user’s hands.

Soon To Be Available On…

Thank You For Your Patience!

We are currently in development phase for this extraordinary new platform. During this time period, we have been establishing a very comprehensive plan that will prepare us to launch very soon. If you would like to be updated with our progress throughout this process, feel free to contact us at any time.

The EventPin Objective

  • No Ads. Ever.
  • Disrupt the traditional and social media landscapes in regards to event promotion.
  • Built by a Team of professional developers focused on User Experience.
  • Directed by a management team focused on resolving the pain points of creating and promoting events.
  • Dedicated research team to identify areas of improvement between the users and the platform.
  • Long-term development plan to keep EventPin as a resource tool in every community.
  • An affordable pricing structure to provide organic event discovery to organizers of every size.

Join the EventPin Revolution

Looking for all the latest information on EventPin? Do you want to be an EventPin insider that receives access to special events, releases and updates? Contact Us to join the mailing list by committing your organization to adopt the EventPin launch plan today.